Counselling Services

Why Counselling?

Talking with a trusted friend or family  member has much value. Talking with a counselor will give you confidentiality, objectivity, tools to help with cognitive processing and evidence based tools to help you make changes. It is very important to find a therapist that you resonate with.

People come into therapy for a variety of reasons and may need a single session or long term support. You may need to just hear your thoughts spoken out aloud, have have the therapist act as an objective sounding board who will affirm, validate emotional experiences and assist at times of change.

Creative Verbal Exploration.

My approach to verbal counselling is broad and may include mindfulness, CBT, ACT and use of metaphor and symbolic language.

This is a good adjunct for family members who are supporting others in art therapy.

For children, teens and adults in my Ballarat office , in schools or outreach.

Sand Tray and Symbols

With its roots in Jungian psychology "Sand Tray" gives us the place to create symbolic worlds and tell our story through metaphor. 

By externalizing an internal issue we can give ourselves distance to see it from different perspectives. The  outcome is new insight and awareness, a new relationship to the issue that is often resolved or better understood.


Fields of Experience

Addiction and Recovery. Mental Illness/ Health. Family Violence. Trauma. PTSD. Family and Carer Support. Disability Sector. Chronic Illness. Bereavement. Grief and Loss. Palliative & End of Life Care. Meditation/ Mindfulness. Relationship issues. Family Breakdown/estrangement. Working with Children and Adolescence. Veterans.        ​  

Organisations that have contracted me...

Alzheimer Australia. Amaroo Neighborhood House. Bass Coast Community Health. Ballarat Secondary College. Ballarat Health Network. City of Monash. CAFS, Ballarat. Centacare, Ballarat. Dept of Planning and Community Development. Damascus Secondary College. DHHS, Child Protection.Education First Youth Foyer Holmseglen, Glen Waverly. Family Resource Center, Wonthaggi. Gippsland Palliative Care Consortium. Latrobe Community Health; Carers Respite Carer Services. Mitchell Neighborhood House, Wonthaggi. Mental Illness Foundation, The Garage, Wonthaggi. NEEMI Mental Health Service. Phoenix Community College. Salvo Connect Western.   WRISC FV Services, Ballarat. FRMP, Prahran Missions.