Art Therapy


What is art therapy?

  Art Therapy is a form of psychological therapy that combines hands-on art making, image appreciation & conversation to achieve a sense of well-being.   The emphasis is on the process of creating, expression and meaning making and less on the end product.    

Art therapy is for adults, adolescence and children.    

Why art therapy?

  • improve developmental delays
  • process trauma in a gentle/safe way
  • sooth emotions
  • improve self esteem/ self confidence
  • assist in pain management
  • deal with grief and loss 
  • recover from addictions
  • help manage mental illness
  • resolve conflict 
  • improve communication 
  • feel more connected   

How does art therapy work?

Art therapy differs to talking therapies in that there is focus on the process of creating, expression and meaning making. This may be as simple as making marks on a paper to express an attitude or emotion. It’s a bit like making a map of what is happening internally and sharing it with the art therapist. By externalizing the issue/feeling and “seeing” it we can change the relationship with the problem and get a different perspective. Sometimes there is no art making and people prefer to talk, this is okay too.   

What happens in a session?

What happens in an indivisudal session?

 Art  allows us to communicate  in the rich language of colour and imagery; this is utilized and explored in a therapeutic setting. This is particular useful when  recovering from trauma.

 Materials such as paint, clay, pastels,  crayons, found objects, collage, myths and music  are used to  access healing. 


 No previous art experience is necessary.


Sessions are guided by your needs and are not prescriptive. 

The emphasis is on the process of creating, expression and meaning making and less on the end art product.

A minimum of 4 sessions is a good idea as time is taken to develop a therapeutic relationship, get to understand each other and the process. 

Please email for further information on pricing and available appointments.

Art Therapy is a specialized profession.

Monica has completed the following training:

Masters Art Therapy, Latrobe Uni,     Advanced Dip Trans-personal Art Therapy Phoenix Institute (2007),     Dip Clay Field Therapy,   Dip Visual Arts,                  

Dip Community Health, Alcohol & Other Drugs and Mental Health and Family Violence,   Cert in Expressive Therapies and Sand Play (Children & Adolescents)​,
Cert in Small Figure Therapy (Attachment and Systemic Systems),
Accelerated Trauma Recovery Mandala Workshops,  Bruce Perry Workshops, Circle of Security

Professional Associations:                                                                                               

Working With Children's Card & Current Police Check First Aide Certificate, Professional Registered Art Therapist and Counselor (ANZACATA) 
NDIS registered 


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